Anonymous: well he throws things at me, sometime and i always catch him staring at me, and everytime he makes a joke he sometimes turns at my direction to see if i laughed or not 


My friend told me that there’s a possiblity! I mean, not any guy will act like that with you. Those actions are made when you care about the opinion of this person. 
Let’s be in his place. If you say a joke and there’s the person that you like, the intention is clearly to make that person laugh. When you like someone or when you’re interested, you can’t stop staring at that person, it’s like some kind of impulse. 
In my opinion, it’s obvious that he’s interested. 
But to be more sure, you need to send him some signals too. Try to show a little bit of interest in him but do it feeling comfortable and let it “flow”, don’t act like “OH I’M INTERESTED IN YOU A LOT”, make it notable, but not in excess. We don’t know, maybe he’s waiting for those “hints” so he can make a “move”, you know. 
Sooo, yeah, to me there’s an attraction. c:


Don’t get too attached to the idea of that those signals are only for you, I’m not trying to sound negative, seriously. It’s just that, some guys end up being just what we don’t expect, the kind of guys that say the same to other girls… Just be careful, and I’m not saying that you mustn’t risk and pay attention to those signals that he’s throwing because YOU REALLY NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO THEM, just, be careful and ALWAYS follow your heart (this sounds cliché, I know, but keep it in mind) and don’t let others opinion change your mind and stop you from the pursuit of your dreams, because that’s THE BIGGEST MISTAKE THAT YOU CAN COMMIT. 

Anonymous: Hello c: so i was just wondering if you could tell me like how you can tell of a guy likes you, like the first signs , like you just started talking this year 

Well, I’m a girl and it’s better if a GUY answers this. So, I asked a friend your question and he said that it was kind of weird. He wants to know how does this boy acts around you, so he can give you a better idea or something about what this guy may be feeling c:

Anonymous: hi :) i need advice on how i can get over liking someone. so ive liked this guy for about 2 years now & we dont even go to the same school anymore, we used to but not anymore & i cant forget about him he gave me so much to remember & i just wanna stop liking him & let it go but idk how -.- 

Hiii. Well, you need to know that it’s really hard to forget someone but not impossible. Okay? Is that in your mind now? Okay. 

So, I’ve been in that situation and I know how it feels to know that apparently nobody understands your situation, how everybody says that it’s easy to forget and blah blah blah. But you know? The only thing that you really need to forget someone is WILLPOWER, if you have that, then everything is going to be.. Uhm, not THAT hard. 

So, he gave you so much to remember, right? That’s the HARDEST thing, but, as I said before “It may be hard, but not impossible”. You just need to keep in mind that if you keep thinking about him, your feelings for him will be bigger and bigger and bigger, yeah, I know that it’s not easy to stop thinking about him, but there are so many ways to stop those thoughts. 

1. You need to stop feeling bad for feeling things for this guy. If you are starting to have that feeling, then your mind will start to worry about it, giving you more things to think about him and then it will be obviously harder to “remove” him from your heart.

2. Take a deep breathe and see how many time you’ve lost because of this guy, yeah, 2 Y-E-A-R-S, that’s a lot. But, you know what? everything that happens to you in your life, becomes in experience and knowledge. Keep in mind that these “love problems” happens to every single person, why? well, i don’t know, but those things happen. Just imagine a perfect “love life”, I don’t know, but I think that it wouldn’t be great, it would turn into a bored situation and everytime it would be the same. So, if those persons who were really in love with someone during more than 2 years, could get over that, why won’t you get over that too? you’re a smart and strong person, you can do EVERYTHING, and this thing won’t be just a big problem for you, you can do it. 

3. STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! (or day). Just, try to “skip” those thoughts and start thinking about what you really want → GETTING OVER THAT SITUATION.

4. If you have gifts, pictures, cd’s or other things that immediately remember you of him when you see them, just, take them to an other place where you can’t see them. Or if you want, throw them  away or bring those things to a foundation. That won’t just make you feel better, it will also increase your positive thinking and your “I CAN DO IT” feeling. 
That sounds like a lie, but, believe me, that works. I mean, how will you forget someone if everytime you get into your room you see a picture of him?.

5. If you see that your friends talk a lot about him, let them know that you don’t feel good when they do it. Why you should do it? Well, it’s really awkward when you’re talking about a random topic and then, BANG! someone says his name, isn’t it? It automatically brings an image of him to your mind, which isn’t so cool when you’re trying to forget someone.

6. You can read, hang out (not necessary with friends), exercise… That won’t just be great for your body and mind, it will be also good for your “love life”, because he won’t be in your mind, you’ll be distracted with something else!.

7. Wake up every single day with the energy to forget him (say things like “it can’t be that hard, i’ll get over this guy, it’s all about me, I want to let this feeling away and I will do it) , if you complain every day about it (saying things like: “oh damn, why can’t I forget him?), then it will be harder. Believe me, the brain has a lot of fault about those feelings.  

And well, that’s all I can say, that really worked to me and I hope that it works to you <3

If you need anything else, just let me know. (and I’m really sorry for answering so late :s ) 

Anonymous: (2) came to where we were at four in the morning & beat the shit out of him in the front yard. but now they aren't talking anymore but he & I still like each other.. but he says he doesn't wanna date because he's moving away this summer, he thinks. idk what to do.. i really like him & i just wanna be with him l: 

Hi !, (I just read the other message, and sorry for not answering before.)

Okay, so… I think that distance doesn’t have to be an obstacle when you really love someone, love is stronger than everything else. 

I understand the guy, because he may think about… →DISTANCE← And he may think that things won’t go so well, and I mean, he’s right! and you need to understand that being away, won’t be the same as being near. You need to know that you two can know an other person that will be NEXT TO YOU and not away and that could be an other disadvantage, but believe me that if there’s love between you two, there’s nothing and NOBODY that can separate you. 

But, you know what?  You two like each other! and that’s a really REALLY big “advantage”. If I was in your place, I would talk to him again and ask him if he really likes you, if He answers yes, then you may say “why not try the relationship being away?” tell him what you feel for him, and tell him that if you two like each other, you NEED to keep that going and don’t let any obstacle bring you two down, I mean… WHY DON’T TRY? You guys lose NOTHING. 

And okay, if he agrees, then you must have in mind the disadvantahes that you could have and stuff. BE READY FOR EVERYTHING, because having a distance relationship isn’t easy at all, for you AND FOR YOUR HEART. 

And here comes an other thing, if he definitely says “NO”, you must know that for some reason things happen, maybe he’s not the person who really was meant to be in your life and you must accept that, keep your head up, and be strong. <3

But really, if you want to be with someone you must TRY to be with that person! NO MATTER WHAT! And that’s what you have to do, TRY. 

GOOD LUCK! And if you need an other thing, please let me know c: <3

Anonymous: So I think I'm falling for this kid. I've known him for 4 years now and he's so sweet and funny, we like the same things, and whenever we talk I get butterflies, I just don't know how he feels. I feel like he never wants to step out of the "friend zone" but like today he texted me and said "merry Christmas babe" and we joke about going to Italy together and we always flirt so idk what to do. And we also live really different lives like his family is pretty wealthy while mine. What do I do? Xo 

Hi *uu*.

Okay so:

1. Why do you say that he never wants to step out of the friend zone? o.o Have you tried to tell him something? so you know that he doesn’t want to be ‘more than friends’? or why do you feel like he doesn’t want to get out of the friend zone? .

2. As I say to every single person who asks me things like this I’ll say to you that, Sometimes we have to take risks if we want something. You know? Maybe he feels something for you but he’s just waiting for you to tell him first how do you feel.

It’s so hard, but it’s better if you take the risk to let him know how do you feel and ask him if he feels something too, because it sucks to live with those "does he like me?" or "what if…" questions. Doesn’t it? :\ 
And you have like a benefit with this guy, because you know him since a long time ago!!! So, i’m pretty sure that he’ll understand :).
And how can you do it? Well, you can ask him to hang out… Like a normal day and you can say something like “hey, uhm… I’m confused.” and obvsly he’ll answer “why?” unless he’s such a bitch and answers “okay”. Then, you can start saying that you like him and you need to say what you just sent me… (like, you two like the same things, you two FLIRT… ) and then, you’ll get back to the question and say “That’s why I’m confused, I don’t know if you like me” and let’s see what happens.

I KNOW I KNOW THAT JUST THINK ABOUT IT SOUNDS LIKE A REALLY SCARY THING, but believe me that the hard thing is the beginningm then, when you’re talking to him, the things will calm down and the rest will depend just in destiny c:

And, you must let him know what you feel before it’s too late!!!!!!!!! Please do it, because I’ve lost a big chance just for don’t doing that. So, take a risk and let’s see what happens. 

But be ready for the two answers, that could be: “I like you too!” or “I’m sorry, I don’t like you”. 


but if he says “I’m sorry, I don’t like you”, it’s not the end of the world. You must know that he’s such a nice dude who makes you laugh and surely will be with you even in the darkest moments and BE PROUD OF YOU! be cause you’ve taken that big risk! and that’s part of our lifes c:

so, don’t be afraid. And if you want something, then fight for it. <3

Good luck, and if you need something else please let me know. 

Anonymous: I will change schools and I'm really scared. I'm scared of that everyone will think that I'm weird so I won't have friends and I will die alone with my 72 cats. Ugh :C 

Hi :)

Well, Obviously you’re scared, it’s not easy at all being new at a school, but you don’t have to be scared about what everyone’s going to think!! I mean, if you want to be accepted, you must be yourself and that’s it! if you act like someone that you are not, then it’s going to suck because you won’t express yourself as the way you want.
And making friends depends only ON YOU!, if you stare at everyone in a bad way, then… How do you want them to talk to you?  try to seem relaxed and if you can, wear a band shirt or something, that really helps :D why? because maybe someone likes that band and that would be striking.
And in every single school are those persons that are really social and talk to everyone, I bet that AT LEAST one person is going to talk to you. 

Just, don’t think about what could happen, just wait for the moment and see what happens… But try to seem nice! so people won’t be like “oh God, look at that new girl, I don’t even know here and she looks at me as if I was a murder or something”, be the person that everyone thinks “wow, she seems nice.” 

But, be yourself! and never change :)

GOOD LUCK!!! and it’s just a matter of time.

Anonymous: I'm alone Julieth. I've been kicked out of school which contains the girl I love and there's nothing me or my friends can do about it. I've tried to get over this girl for a very long time and I still can't. This problem usually never occurs to me. Do you think you could give me a way I could get over her so that I can move on with someone else? c: 

So, First! you’re not alone okay? I bet that you have friends and a family that is with you. Just because you’re not with ONE person, doesn’t mean that you’re alone c:

2.  Why do you want to get over this girl? Does she live so far away or something? I mean, when you try to get over someone… It’s because this person doesn’t love you back and doesn’t deserve your love or something like that. But, if you really love this girl, then you have to fight for her! Because when you love someone, you don’t want this person to leave NEVER! do you?. So, tell her to hang out to eat ice cream, to go to the cinema, to just take a walk… :) Don’t let her go away from your life just because you’re not in the same school, FIGHT FOR THE THINGS YOU WANT! c: and okay, if this girl doesn’t love you back or doesn’t appreciate what you do for her or something, then yeah… Try to forget her because you’ll just get hurt. But, how do you get over this girl?↓

3. I’ll tell you a history that happened to me… I had a really big crush on someone that didn’t love me back, I was broken and I was like that during 2 years! I tried a lot of things but only a few ones worked and I’ll tell which ones c:

- Try to know new people: Tell your friends that you want to meet new girls and that they mayyybeee couuuld introduce you some of their friends! Or go to a park and talk to a girl, it’s realy hard but you can do it :) but… Why know new people? It’s because your mind won’t be focused in the same person, your mind will be around the other girls (I don’t mean that you must like… try to make them love you and have a crush on you… I mean, making friends help. But nothing says that they can’t ;D).

Make a new routine: Go to the gym, hang out with your friends, clean your room… JUST DO SOMETHING! that will have your mind busy. When you’re not doing anything, you will start to think about this person, because you love her a lot and there’s nothing else to think about. So yeah :D oh, and going to the gym helps A LOT! It will “remove” your stress and you’ll have the chance to meet someone :).

- Throw away everything that reminds you of her: You know what I did? I deleted him from facebook and everything… I know I know, it was really immature but IT HELPED A LOT! I mean, I didn’t know who wrote on his profile, or what was he doing… I just forgot that he existed because i wouldn’t notice that he was online or he liked a picture or anything else that would come into my “news”. So, it helped a lot. (I’m not telling you to do that, i’m just saying……… Or if you want to.. It’s okay).

So, what you have to do is throw… for example: That cd that she gave to you, her number from your cellphone, the pictures that you have together… EVERYTHING!, you know why? Because if you see those things, BANGG! YOU’LL REMIND HER! and that’s not the idea.

- Fight for that… : As i told you before, you have to fight for what you want… In this case, you want to get over her… So, fight for that!  be strong  and say to yourself “you can do it, it’s for your own good!” Because, yeah! it’s for your own good! If you just keep thinking about her and wanting to see her, that won’t help and that will make you wish she was with you even more! anddd that will hurt a lot. so, you need “own volition” and I’m pretty sure that you’ll make it c:

Friend’s help: Say to your friends that you don’t want to know anything about her (only good news… For example: SHE’LL VISIT YOU TOMORROW! or something like that). That means that you don’t want them to talk about her or to mention her… That will help a lot to :D


IT JUST NEEDS TIME, HOPE, FAITH AND CALM. Believe in yourself and NEVER give up <3

Anonymous: how do stop thinking about the guy i used like and call my bestfriend. we were legit so close then he found out i liked him and now we don't even talk at all. but i mean that just shows that he doesnt even care about our friendship if he stops talking to me for that dumb of a reason right? idk bleh help me i cant get over this :c 

Try to talk to him and ask him why isn’t he talking to you anymore. Just let him know what you are saying to me, it’s not easy AT ALL, but if you want his friendship back, take a risk no matter what he will think, just take a risk and try to fix the things c:

If he ignored you… well, maybe he doesn’t want something with you, but that’s not a problem! he’s just a guy that doesn’t know how much can you bring to him, he doesn’t know how awesome and sweet you are. Don’t let him bring you down c: and if you just want to forget him, do your best! it’s really hard because something similar happened to me, but if you just fight for forget him, you’ll win that fight, i promise. Be stronger and fight for what you want . <3

Anonymous: when a supposedly likes you, will he like say that another guy likes you when its not true at all, ? 

be more specific, i don’t really understand.

Anonymous: ik this is like a dumb question, but just out of curiousity, at what age do you think its okay to date at ? thank you. 

Hi c:

okay, i think that at 15 or 16… it’s really better because you are like a little bigger, and you know a little more of love c:!

well, that’s what i think and my mom thinks the same, so… :D